Is PharmacyList.com confidential?

Pharmacylist.com only includes the information within the listing that the Pharmacy Owner or Representative provides when building the listing.

Is my Pharmacy Location Disclosed?

Pharmacylist.com provides a service to build the listing, but will never disclose the exact location of the pharmacy for sale. Pharmacylist.com will provide the State and general Geographic Description of the pharmacy for sale. For Example, a pharmacy location New York City, may be described as “Manhattan Area Pharmacy”, in an attempt to give a potential purchase a general area of location. In addition, the mapping function requires a valid address. As a result, PharmacyList.com will use a near landmark in a major city to protect confidentiality. If this is not acceptable, please contact us at contact@pharmacylist.com. 

Does Pharmacylist.com Build My Listing?

Depending on the service level desires, Pharmacylist.com may build the listing for the pharmacy owner, but will not publish the listing until approved by the Seller or their representative via email.

How Does a Potential Buyer Contact Me?

Pharmacylist.com will provide an email link that allows a potential buyer or interested party to contact you via email.

Is Pharmacylist.com a Broker Service?

No, pharmacylist.com is not a brokerage company. Pharmacylist.com is providing an online service that allows pharmacy owners to connect with pharmacy buyers without the assistance of a broker. Pharmacylist.com does have an arrangement with a Pharmacy Consulting firm that has closed hundreds of pharmacy sales. The broker fee is discounted by 50-80% compared to the standard broker fee for customers of Pharmacylist.com

Can You Give Me a Listing Price for My Pharmacy?

Pharmacylist.com provides an option that allows the seller or their representative to request a market valuation to provide an “opinion” regarding the value of the pharmacy business.

How Do I Cancel My Listing?

To cancel your listing, or if your pharmacy is sold, or no longer sale, send an email to contact@pharmacylist.com and your listing will be removed.